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Sodium Bisulphate ph- 25kg Bag

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Sodium bisulphate, which is a derivative of sulphuric acid, can be used in the production of cleaning products and for pH regulation in applications such as swimming pool water. It is available as a solid, yellowish powder, which can be supplied in small or big bags.

Sodium Bisulphate ph-

Sodium bisulphate (dry acid) , for lowering the pH of swimming pools, spas & hot tubs.

It’s important to achieve and maintain pH levels between 7.2 to 7.6ppm for clean and healthy water. Keeping within these levels means your chlorine will be more effective. Regular pool use will cause your pH fluctuate. Organic materials such as oils, makeup, and debris can throw your water chemistry off-balance and Water Balancer pH INCREASER can help. Low pH levels can cause eye irritation and encourage corrosion but Water Balancer pH INCREASER helps bring levels back to normal and get your chlorine working effectively. Make Water Balancer pH INCREASER a part of your maintenance routine and you’ll have sparkling clean water that’s always swim-ready.


  • Various size tubs available
  • For use in swimming pools
  • Reduces pH to ideal levels
  • Slows the rapid loss of chlorine caused by low pH
  • Dosage: refer to product label
  • Various Tub/Box Quantities Available
  • Contact us if you have any questions
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